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Where is classical music in the new arts economy?

A recent article in Blue Review by scholars Amanda Ashley and Leslie Durham (“How Universities Train Artists as Makers, Creators, and Doers” Blue Review, Jan. 8, 2018) opens with a compelling argument for why universities need to think more about how they are training artists and how that training is (or is not) preparing graduates […]

Neoliberalism & Music Entrepreneurship: a response

Andrea Moore’s article, “Neoliberalism and the Musical Entrepreneur” (Journal of the Society for American Music (2016), Vol. 10, number 1, pp. 33-53) is making the rounds recently, and since a number of folks have forwarded it to me asking for my thoughts I decided I’d write a blog entry with my reactions to this important […]

Three lessons from the Rhode Island festival debacle

You’ve probably heard about the Newport Contemporary Music Series, recently launched (if that’s the appropriate term) in Rhode Island and crashing to an ignominious death almost as soon as it began. It’s an unfortunate tale, one that appears (from the outside, anyway) to feature people of good intentions but who got in way over their […]

A new beginning at the Colorado Symphony

If you glanced at the opening program of the Colorado Symphony’s 2017-18 season, playing this weekend in Denver, you might be tempted to make the assumption that the orchestra was replicating that all-too-familiar pattern of feeling it needed to balance a first half of all-contemporary repertoire with a trusty war-horse – in this case, Beethoven’s […]

What happens when you A-S-S-U-M-E….

Last week there were two items in the news that caught my eye, and for essentially the same reason. One was a national story about Appelbee’s and its failed attempt to rebrand itself as a destination for Millennials. (You can read the story here: ) The other story was from my local paper, the […]

Thoughts on the 1st Int’l Conference on Music Entrepreneurship, Oslo-Norway

It was my great pleasure to represent the University of Colorado-Boulder and the Entrepreneurship Center for Music this past week at the 1st International Conference on Music Entrepreneurship at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. The conference was presented in partnership with the Center for Excellence in Music Performance Education, and the Norwegian Business School […]

“Formations” Symphony mentioned in Symphony Magazine

Glad to see my Symphony No. 1, “Formations,” mentioned in the Spring 2017 edition of Symphony Magazine:

“Seize the Sun” at Carnegie Hall gets a terrific review!

New York Theatre Guide reviews Seize The Sun: Fantasy on Icarus

Kicking off the New Year with a bang…and looking back with perspective

As I begin 2017, I’m wrapping up Phase One of my sabbatical year and reflecting on how action-packed the last five months have been! Since September I’ve written a string quartet, crowd-funded the Costa Concordia violin concerto project, finished my book (The Entrepreneurial Muse: Creating a thriving career in classical music), conducted residencies at Michigan State […]

Loons & Lager: Opportunity through Combination

One of the abiding mysteries of entrepreneurship is where the initial impulses for ideas come from. Sometimes it seems that good ideas just appear out of the blue, but if you drill down a little deeper there’s usually some context, some prelude of ideas or observations that set up that “ah ha!” moment. Very few […]

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