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In the midst of loss, we remember the power of music

We’ve had two big losses in the music world this week. First was news of the passing of Gunther Schuller, a giant of American music and a teacher/mentor to so many. And then, this morning, we learned that film score great James Horner was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed. I was already […]

When life gives you lemons, make…beer?!?

I read with great interest this recent article in my local paper, Boulder’s Daily Camera, about some changes coming to a nearby brewery. (You can read the article here: Time and time again I am struck by how successful entrepreneurs have a way of not just enduring the inevitable challenges of starting and sustaining […]

Concert Music and the Importance of Storytelling

I read with great interest – and, frankly, great irritation – the article on NPR’s “Deceptive Cadence” blog about a young Estonian composer whose work was cancelled by the New York Youth Symphony because it quotes a Nazi hymn. (You can read the article here: While I can think of many different ways the […]

Colorado Symphony to Program Symphony No. 1: Formations next season!

I’m so pleased to announce that the Colorado Symphony will feature my Symphony No. 1: Formations on their “side by side” concert with the Denver Young Artists Orchestra, next Feb. 6 at Boetcher Concert Hall and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. This will be a massive orchestra and should […]

“Entrepreneurship Porn” is now moving into the arts

Because I delight in irony, I thought I’d post this blog on Valentine’s Day and in conjunction with the premiere weekend of the much-hyped “50 Shades of Grey” (a movie I don’t plan on seeing, by the way). I recently came across an article (now about a year old) entitled “The Dangerous Rise of Entrepreneurship […]

When good business enhances good art

One of the attitudes pervading the fine arts is that “good business” and “good art” are fundamentally opposing forces, and that it is impossible to have it both ways: good art will never be economical, and good business will always seek to undercut, cheapen, sell out, and dumb down the art. While there are certainly […]

A journey to Jeffrey Nytch’s ‘Formations’ Symphony

From Colorado Public Radio, 1/18/15 For audio selections, visit the CPR blog Most contemporary composers rarely hear their music performed live and often have no control over how it’s presented in concert. Composer & Curator asks an artist to design a dream program around a piece they’ve written and explain their selections. Composer Jeffrey Nytch […]

Writing words vs. writing music…

I’ve begun working on a book about arts entrepreneurship. And as I proceed with what’s called the “proposal” (essentially a highly boiled-down version of each chapter) I’m beginning to notice some fascinating similarities and contrasts between writing words and writing music. Here are some, in no particular order: • I find the initial act – […]

From Greg Sandow’s ArtsJournal blog – From Jeffrey Nytch: Entrepreneurial transformation (1)

  From Greg:  Anyone who’s read this blog will know why the words that follow caught my eye. They’re about what a journal article I was reading called “the traditional orientation of arts presenting organizations (particularly, but not exclusively, “classical” music groups).” This, said the paper, might be expressed, “this is what we have to offer; […]

A new society is born!

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a gathering at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas, the purpose of which was to form the first professional association of arts entrepreneurship educators. More than 100 faculty, staff, and administrators from across the country came together to share best practices, commiserate, and […]

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