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Writing words vs. writing music…

I’ve begun working on a book about arts entrepreneurship. And as I proceed with what’s called the “proposal” (essentially a highly boiled-down version of each chapter) I’m beginning to notice some fascinating similarities and contrasts between writing words and writing music. Here are some, in no particular order: • I find the initial act – […]

Workshop Performance and Lecture with Louder Than Words Dance Theatre – April 11

Jeffrey Nytch Interview on KGNU Radio, 4/7/14

Thank you, Ron Nadel, for hosting me and my “Formations” Symphony on KGNU’s A Classic Monday show this week! Here’s a link where you can listen to our conversation as well as hear the symphony (as performed by Michael Butterman and the Boulder Philharmonic) played in its entirety:

Interview on Tulsa Public Radio

A Chat with Composer Jeffrey Nytch, Whose First Symphony Was Inspired by the Geology of the Rockies – March 5, 2014 “On this installment of our show, an interesting discussion with someone who’s made a successful career of combining — of all things — music and geology. TU’s Department of Geosciences has invited Dr. Jeffrey […]

Interview on “Colorado Matters”

In conjunction with the actual anniversary of the Geological Society of America’s founding (12/27), Colorado Public Radio’s Ryan Warner interviews me about my “Formations” symphony for his show Colorado Matters. Listen to the interview here: Rock music: Colorado’s geologic history, told by a symphony  

Photos from the Geological Society of America Gala – 10/29/13

Photos from the Geological Society of America’s Gala at the History Colorado Museum, featuring a performance of my Formations Symphony! What a great night!

From Greg Sandow’s ArtsJournal blog – 10/29/13

From Jeffrey Nytch: The entrepreneurial symphony From Greg I’ve been in email touch with Jeff Nytch for a few years. We have a mutual close friend, and of course a shared interest in teaching entrepreneurship at music schools. Last spring, Jeff invited me to speak at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he runs the music […]

Formations – Mvt IV: Majesties

Here is the final video blog, on Movement IV, in my series documenting the creation of my Symphony No. 1: Formations. Formations-Mvt IV from Jeffrey Nytch on Vimeo.

Formations – Mvt III: Requiems

Thoughts on a Cretaceous requiem… Formations-Mvt III from Jeffrey Nytch on Vimeo.

Formations – Mvt II: Rush!

Learn about the gold & silver rushes of the 19th century…and how they still resonate with us today. Formations-Mvt II from Jeffrey Nytch on Vimeo.

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