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Opportunity Recognition: At the heart of entrepreneurial thinking

The last couple of days at the Winter Olympics have featured on of my favorite of all sports events: the bobsled! And the timing is fortuitous, because bobsledding provides a great example of entrepreneurial thinking that I discuss in my book, The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring Your Career in Classical Music, which comes out from Oxford […]

Where is classical music in the new arts economy?

A recent article in Blue Review by scholars Amanda Ashley and Leslie Durham (“How Universities Train Artists as Makers, Creators, and Doers” Blue Review, Jan. 8, 2018) opens with a compelling argument for why universities need to think more about how they are training artists and how that training is (or is not) preparing graduates […]

Neoliberalism & Music Entrepreneurship: a response

Andrea Moore’s article, “Neoliberalism and the Musical Entrepreneur” (Journal of the Society for American Music (2016), Vol. 10, number 1, pp. 33-53) is making the rounds recently, and since a number of folks have forwarded it to me asking for my thoughts I decided I’d write a blog entry with my reactions to this important […]

Thoughts on the 1st Int’l Conference on Music Entrepreneurship, Oslo-Norway

It was my great pleasure to represent the University of Colorado-Boulder and the Entrepreneurship Center for Music this past week at the 1st International Conference on Music Entrepreneurship at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. The conference was presented in partnership with the Center for Excellence in Music Performance Education, and the Norwegian Business School […]

The key to lifelong growth

This week while I was in residence at Michigan State University, I had a student come up to me and ask a great question: What can I do after I graduate to continue growing as a musician? It’s a question every professional should ask, and especially those of us in the arts: our artistry continually […]

“Dinosaurs, Elephants, and Dragon Slayers” – Barriers to change in our schools

College Music Society Summit on 21st-century Music School Design Morning Remarks: Will May – Dean, Baylor University School of Music Mary Ellen Poole – Director, Butler School of Music, University of Texas-Austin Jeffrey Nytch – Director-Entrepreneurship Center for Music, University of Colorado-Boulder  [Author’s note: I was honored to be asked to participate in the Sunday […]

Happy News!

It’s with great joy (and more than a little relief) that I announce that I’ve been awarded Tenure at The University of Colorado-Boulder. I’m honored by the confidence my institution has shown me by conveying this milestone, and I’m gratified that seven years of hard work has paid off. I’m also extremely proud to be […]

Colorado Arts Advocacy Day Address – March 2, 2016

Colorado Arts Advocacy Day Address “Money and the Muses: The Economic Impact of the Arts” Jeffrey Nytch, DMA Asst. Professor & Director of The Entrepreneurship Center for Music University of Colorado-­Boulder March 2, 2016 Many thanks to Arts for Colorado for their kind invitation to speak with you today, and thanks to all of you […]

When life gives you lemons, make…beer?!?

I read with great interest this recent article in my local paper, Boulder’s Daily Camera, about some changes coming to a nearby brewery. (You can read the article here: Time and time again I am struck by how successful entrepreneurs have a way of not just enduring the inevitable challenges of starting and sustaining […]

“Entrepreneurship Porn” is now moving into the arts

Because I delight in irony, I thought I’d post this blog on Valentine’s Day and in conjunction with the premiere weekend of the much-hyped “50 Shades of Grey” (a movie I don’t plan on seeing, by the way). I recently came across an article (now about a year old) entitled “The Dangerous Rise of Entrepreneurship […]

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