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Three lessons from the Rhode Island festival debacle

You’ve probably heard about the Newport Contemporary Music Series, recently launched (if that’s the appropriate term) in Rhode Island and crashing to an ignominious death almost as soon as it began. It’s an unfortunate tale, one that appears (from the outside, anyway) to feature people of good intentions but who got in way over their […]

“Dinosaurs, Elephants, and Dragon Slayers” – Barriers to change in our schools

College Music Society Summit on 21st-century Music School Design Morning Remarks: Will May – Dean, Baylor University School of Music Mary Ellen Poole – Director, Butler School of Music, University of Texas-Austin Jeffrey Nytch – Director-Entrepreneurship Center for Music, University of Colorado-Boulder  [Author’s note: I was honored to be asked to participate in the Sunday […]

Multi-tasking and E-ship

How do the ultimate “Jacks of all Trades” manage their time & tasks?   Multi-tasking and E-ship from Jeffrey Nytch on Vimeo.

“Can the Symphony be Saved?”

I’m quoted at length in this article on — check it out:

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