Organizational Consulting

Whether you’re an educational institution looking to begin an arts entrepreneurship program or an arts organization seeking guidance on how to revitalize your mission and reconnect with your audience, I can help you craft a program that meets those needs. I employ a unique perspective on strategic planning, eschewing the traditional focus on mission statements and aspirational goals in favor of a rigorous taking-stock of current resources, carefully defining current and targeted markets, and identifying unmet needs that can be fulfilled by the organization. The “Business Canvas” model is used to organize this information and show how the organization’s various components relate to and work with each other. A Value Proposition is created in the place of a traditional mission statement, and an action plan is devised for each segment of the Canvass. Best done in a weekend retreat setting.

“Jeffrey led a strategic planning retreat for our board that was extremely useful. We have already implemented many of things we discussed and seeing positive results. His unique approach was incredibly valuable.”
Conrad Kehn, Director, The Playground Ensemble

Entrepreneurship Consulting for your Institution

More and more music schools are recognizing the need to better prepare their students for careers in the rapidly changing 21st-century marketplace. But often there is uncertainty about how the institution can fill that need, and what an entrepreneurship/professional development program might look like. As Director of one of the nation’s leading arts entrepreneurship programs, I will consult with your leadership and faculty to help you develop an implementation plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your institution.

“My experiences with Dr. Nytch have balanced relevance with vision in forming exciting opportunities for students who are interested in expanding their portfolios of possibility. He understands how to work within academia and to move beyond the print in the college catalog. He is a perceptive, well-informed, and action-oriented individual who is helping to expand the horizons of opportunity that exist for students, faculty and institutions that are interested in oving toward an intended future through entrepreneurship.”
– Laurence Kaptain, former Dean, College of Music & Dramatic Arts, Louisiana State University

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