Jeffrey Nytch draws from his experience in higher education, the concert hall, and his time as an arts administrator, businessman, and composer to bring compelling lectures, interactive workshops, and engaging residencies to your institution. Professor Nytch’s aim is to create a program that is custom-tailored to the particular needs of your institution, your faculty, and your student body.


“Inviting Jeff Nytch to our campus to do a two-day series of workshops and one-on-one appointments with our students was a tremendous resource and inspiration.  He is easily personable, relatable and a wealth of knowledge.  In surveying students who had the opportunity to engage with Jeff, we received many responses such as “useful and engaging,” “inspirational and well-organized with his talks” and “a good balance of both theoretical and practical information.”  We would gladly welcome Jeff to return to campus for another series on entrepreneurship and leadership in the musical business!”

Donna Wang Su, Coordinator of Graduate Services
Bienen School of Music-Northwestern University


“Jeff was a terrific collaborator. He really went the extra mile in making sure his workshops and presentations were targeted directly to the audiences to whom he was speaking, and worked with me to ensure that the residency fit our students’ learning objectives. His generosity with his time, creativity with ideas and rapport with the students made the residency a great success.”

Christine Beamer, Director of Career Services & Entrepreneurship
College of Music-Michigan State University

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